About Executive Software Systems, Incorporated

Founded in 1997, Executive Software Systems, Inc. is a provider of PC-based solutions and consulting services to a variety of industries and other small to mid-sized companies in the Indianapolis Indiana Area. For projects beyond the capabilities of a single consultant, the company has worked with other consultants in arrangements satisfactory to the client. At present, Executive Software Systems, Inc. is accepting new clients.

An extensive set of skills are available to support the needs of the client. For any industry, these include detailed understanding of all client processes and business practices. The actual service is really problem solving. This can be the implementation of a defined solution, the evaluation of a problem and recommendation of a solution, or the entire process.  On a more general level, programming for the desktop environment in Visual C++, Visual Basic, C/C++, HTML, C#,  VB.NET and MFC are available.

Oscar Wash, the principal consultant has a strong educational background, including a Computer Science B.S. and Mathematics Minor from Alcorn State University and one year of graduate studies in Computer Engineering at the University of Minnesota plus a number of programming courses. This has been augmented with over a decade of experience as a developer, analyst and manager in various industries  including pharmaceutical, manufacturing, diesel engines, computer hardware, over six years of consulting experience, and experience as a software development engineer.

Executive Software Systems, Inc. has provided customized solutions for clients such as Mead Johnson, Eli Lilly and Company, Nexigent,  Roche Diagnostics, Covance, Bristol Myers-Squibb, STS Systems, RCI, MMS Systems and many more...